At HnC we specialise in precision machining – CNC Milling, CNC Turning & Gear cutting. We can take your products and ideas right from Prototyping, through Production to packaging across all materials from Aluminium and Stainless Steel to Titanium and Plastics

We work towards ISO: 9001 which provides you with the confidence that your precision machined components are manufactured to the highest quality and standards. We offer peace of mind, reliable machined parts and fully finished products so whatever your requirements are for quality precision machined parts, Subcontract machining or single source manufacturing we can help. As a subcontract machining company we have a vast knowledge and ability to machine most materials including heat resistant super alloys and machining of exotic alloys.

Customer base

HnC Gears and Manufacturing have built a large customer base covering a variety of industries including :-
Food processing machines & cookers
Conveyors & Material Handling
Marine & Marine engines
Hydraulics & Pneumatic cylinders
Oil & Gas
Skip loader & recycling vehicles
Press manufacture
Metal Forming & Process machines & architectural

Some samples of gears we  have made


Within these industries we have gained considerable experience in a wide variety of materials including
Aluminium    Duplex        Copper
Cast Iron       Nickel        Brass
Acetyl           PTFE
Nylon            Titanium    Phosphor Bronze

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